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Claude Jones is a New Zealand-born, contemporary Australian artist, based in Munich, Germany. Her work explores the complex and often, contradictory relationship between humans, animals, and the natural world. Through mixed-media painting, printmaking, drawing and sculpture, Jones creates an imaginary kingdom ruled by curious crossbreeds of animal, human and plant. Her illustrative approach combined with soft colours and decorative elements, evokes the fantasy realms of children’s books, but with sombre undertones.  Jones employs narrative, irony and symbolism, to invite viewers to re-evaluate their relationship with nature, and in particular, with other animals. 

With an art career spanning over 15 years, Jones has exhibited widely, both across Australia and internationally. She has been the recipient of several awards, grants and scholarships, including 10 international artist residencies. Jones’s artworks are represented in public and private collections around the world.


Claude Jones passionately believes in the emancipation of all innocent beings. Her artwork reflects this philosophy.

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