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Day of the Dead

I was fortunate enough to be in Mexico during the festival of “the day of the dead – el dia de los muertos”.  The celebration takes place on November  2 and its a time to remember those past in a happy and celebratory way. The cementeries here are like miniature villages with beautifully painted little ‘houses’ containing boxes with the ashes and/ or bones of the dead. Around this time of year many of the graves ( little houses) are repainted in bright colours, some featuring additional decorative images of flowers or angels. On these special days, families go to the cementeries with food, beverages, flowers and other offerings for their dead relatives. Its a festive day and an occasion to remember those past but not in a depressive kind of way – the opposite it seems. I went to a beautiful cementery in Hoctun on the day as well as a local one here in Cholul and took photos. I am in love with the colours used in Mexico!

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