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At last, a Munich atelier!

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

My studio space is in TROPIKA – a 3-level studio complex in town. It was previously an office building and has only recently been offered as an atelier space so everyone is new and enthusiastic. Unfortunately, we only have use of the building until September 2022 as it is scheduled to be demolished then.

With this in mind, we have decided to absolutely make the most of our time there and we are inviting the public as often as possible to open studio nights. This will be a great opportunity for folks to meet artists in a casual environment and to buy work at a discount direct-from-the-studio price. As it is a monthly reoccurring event it is also a wonderful chance to follow the creative development of any artists you particularly like or find interesting. I will have a selection of small ceramic sculptures, including sets of my ceramic mini-pistols for sale. in addition, I will be exhibiting a recent series of mixed media drawings and prints. I also have a selection of older works unframed for those interested in purchasing a vintage Claude Jones at a bargain price!

The very first TROPIKA open studio night is on Thursday, November 11th from 6-9 pm.



202A Leopoldstr.

Schwabing West / Parkstadt Schwabing

E13 on the first floor. (My studio)

I started looking at studios in Munich a couple of years ago (pre-Covid) but I was very particular about my needs and didn’t find anything suitable. My requirements were that it had to be in a creative community, I had to have my own room, around 20 metres squared or larger, with light, windows, reasonable rent and within 30 minutes bike ride from my home. Well, I managed all except the latter. TROPIKA is a good 45- minute bike ride home from my home and a 1-hour bike ride return. (Slight uphill on return journey slows me down a tad.) Phew, definitely more travel time than I had hoped for but fortunately I love riding my bike and hey, I don’t need to go to the gym now! ( That’s “Speedy” my beloved vintage Panasonic racing bike in the corner).

I love having a space of my own to go to, set up so that I can easily see my work and access my materials. It’s a special place in which to think, imagine, experiment and create. It feels like the beginning of a new chapter in my life, and I am wholeheartedly embracing it.

The little nude figures on the wall were the result of an art exchange / collaborative project with Belin -based artist Isolde Krams. She made the ceramic bodies and I have added the rest and replaced the heads ..of course! There will be 7 in total and it has been a fun project.

The studio has magnetic walls with is perfect for my little pistols with magnets on the back! Actually, it’s great for hanging works on paper too and I am ordering magnetic hooks today for hanging framed works. Kinda nice not to have to drill screws into the wall.

These are some of the framed min-pistol sets.. awaiting printed backgrounds.

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