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“Fowl play” – child sized version

This child -sized ceramic sculpture was completed for inclusion in the “Animalised” exhibition at See Street Gallery, Meadowbank, Sydney, Australia as part of the Hungry for Art festival last year. The mayor mentioned the work during his speech at the opening night of the exhibition commenting particularly on how much work had gone into it…and he’s not wrong!! Ceramics is a whole new language and set of skills, demanding hours of attention. Through each step of the process things can and often do go wrong.. ,  but  if you are lucky, these unexpected accidents may prove serendipitous. Despite my struggles with this new medium in 2013, I love clay and hope to continue to incorporate ceramic sculpture in my repertoire..preferably combine with other mediums, as in this sculpture.

Claude Jones_fowl play_2013_glazed ceramic, henequen and cane_106 x 66 x 24 cm

Claude Jones_fowl play_2013_glazed ceramic, polymer clay, paint, henequen and cane_106 x 66 x 24 cm

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