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Introducing Anne Pincus and Iris Schabert

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

With the extra no-travel and minimal teaching hours up my sleeve I have written a 3-person exhibition proposal to submit to galleries in and around Munich. The other 2 Munich –based artists, whose work I love, are Anne Pincus and Iris Schabert .

A bit of background:

Anne Pincus is a painter originally from Melbourne, with whom I was connected via another artist in Sydney. In recent years, we have become good friends, bonding over art, our love of nature and and our shared Australian background. (Christian and I are also the proud owners of 2 of her artworks!) Anne’s often rich and sensuous paintings explore the beauty, and mysterious intelligence of forests whilst simultaneously questioning humanities relationship therein.

Anne Pincus, Schwindelwald serie, Öl hinter Acrylglas, 10 x 10 bis 20 x 20 cm

Anne Pincus, Forest Dark, 1 u 2, in situ2b

Iris Schabert has a background as a jewellery artist who frequently works with porcelain. In 2018, I was searching for German ceramic artists for a wonderful teaching opportunity in Mexico, and Anne referred me to Iris, who turned out to be a perfect fit. Iris has a scientific and experimental approach to her process that has resulted in some beautiful objects combining porcelain and copper, or porcelain and glass. Her organic and often visceral sculptural forms, explore our relationship to micro-organisms, bacterial forces, erosion and decay.

Iris Schabert, Gehäuse, Wandobjekt, Porzellan, 26 x 33 x 13 cm

Iris Schabert, Karnivoren, Wandobjekt, Durchmesser 20 cm

We are all excited about the opportunity to exhibit together.

Fingers crossed we will find the perfect gallery (or galleries!) for our exhibition in 2021!

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