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solo exhibition at NOPX in Italy next week!

The last blog was therapy for me but not really a fun, happy entry. This is! I am about to have my second solo exhibition in Europe at NOPX editions gallery in Turin, Italy. Anyway as the gallery name suggests they focus on editions and the artist book production is something they ask of all their artists. That was the flip book that i spent way too much time on..  My initial idea was not to make a flip book but to make a sculptural “book”- an edition of 5 “book-cages” with the text readable on the surface. I experimented a lot with this idea and it just didnt ever reach a stage where i felt “Yes!” thats going to look good. So eventually with the exhibition date fast approaching, i changed my mind about this but you can certainly see how my cage obsession has entered some of my recent works including those for this exhibition.

Claude jones_Fowl play_2013_Glazed ceramic and hennequen_67x14x21cm

Claude jones_corpus coop ( lagomorph & leporidae)_2013_Ceramic bisque, hennequen, glass eyes43x35x17cm each

Claude jones_corpus coop_2013_watercolour, drawing and collage_13 x11cm

Claude jones_Wingtrap (bird)_2013_drawing_13x11cm

Claude jones_hanging house_2013_watercolour and pencil_13x11cmClaude jones_Wingtrap ( insect)_2013_watercolour, pencil, dragonfly wings_13x11cm

Claude jones_Winged corpus coop (a)_2013_mixed media_40x30cm

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