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2nd prize winner!

Well you cant win em all but i did get 2nd place. The well deserved winner was a work by artist Neil Taylor called “waiting for dawn’. you can check it out on the finalists web page.

Well the  lovely people at Rex Livingston gallery selected my work as promo image for advertising the award exhibition which is great. Whole page ad with “Airborne” in full colour to appear in July edition of Art Almanac coming out soon!

It was a fun opening night with lots of friendly people. A very positive experience. will enter one of my works on canvas next year methinks.

Speaking of which i am attaching one of the new works here for a sneak preview of what will appear in my October exhibition at Artereal.

This one is titled “monkey brains” and its 138.5 x 128.5 cm, mixed media on canvas.

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