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Antropocentrap at Artunit

I am currently exhibiting new work at Artunit Gallery in Haarlem, Netherlands.

This is my first solo exhibition in Europe and the works on display are my first completed ceramic pieces from my residency here at EKVCW,  Hertogenbosch. ( Netherlands).

But i did say that i would post images of my works so you can check them out on the Artunit gallery site and here are a couple too.

Claude Jones, Corpus Coop (lagomorph and leporidae), 2013, mixed media, 65x30x20 each

Artunit  is a small but fabulous gallery run by a wonderful artist called Chrystl Rijkeboer. She also works with unusual materials and combinations thereof but her forte is spinning human hair into yarn and creating incredible sculptural pieces from this.

Heres a link to her site:

Chrystl shares my concern with the unethical treatment of animals and she is a long standing vegetarian. Many of the artists she has exhibited make work to do with animals so my pieces fit right in.

Chrystl visited me in my studio at EKWC on Tuesday last week and selected the works. We then went to visit another artist named Noes Butter who lives and works in Hertogenbosch. Noes has a most enviable studio situation. Its in an old factory that has been renovated to accommodate offices and studios for a range of creative industries. Her rent is low as she was already renting pre-renovations.

The studios are of course a great size with high ceilings and all have windows facing internal garden courtyards so that all have natural light and a view. The artists share a small kiln room for ceramic work but also have access to a small ( think old school European style) ceramic factory in the premises where you can take an artwork and discuss how you want it to look and they will make a mould and reproduce the work for you. This is something i will definitely take advantage of at some stage.

And to top it all off, there is a spacious and comfortable cafe/restaurant on the premises.

Noes is also a wonderful artist and also a vegan so it was really good for me to talk to her about how i have been feeling. Actually she is virtually a raw foodie so infinitely more healthy than me although i am not vegan for health but rather ethical issues. Still, the super healthy element is something to aspire to.

Note that there is not much on this site so perhaps she is in the process of building it or a new one. If you just google search images you can see a lot of her work on the net.

I think i should set up a site like that..just something clean and simple until i have time to fill it. Am feeling frustrated that i cannot update my old one.

Anyway  heres a few of the small drawings i am making for my exhibition at NOPX gallery in Turin this month. ( yes more cages!)  Will blog more about that exhibition next week.

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