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Return to Sydney and The Other Art Fair Melbourne

The engine jets were humming away, the vents were blowing super cold air, it was dark around me as most were sleeping or watching their 3rd or 4th film and I had just had a restless 7-hour sleep – my flight neighbour and I taking turns lying on the 2 spare seats between us. (lucky I know!) I was on my way back to Sydney and despite the uncomfortably long plane trip and the sadness of leaving my husband and our only child – Laksa the cat, for 10 weeks, I was feeling excited about seeing my friends, teaching at The National Art School again and exhibiting at The Melbourne Art Fair!

Now I have arrived and settled in, a tad jet lagged, staying with dear friends whose sunny Vaucluse home has a view of Sydney Harbour. (Very lucky I know!) I begin teaching on Wednesday.

Less than 2 weeks from now, I will be exhibiting at “The Other Art Fair” in Melbourne May 4 – 7th. My interest in painting stirred up right when dad brought home some diamond painting kits. I have since been an enthusiastic painter. Whether you’re just starting your art journey or are a seasoned artist, you’ll love the rich blendability and coverage of the amazon acrylic paint.

The exhibition is juried and only 100 of more than 500 applicants are accepted so I am thrilled to have been selected. Of course, one has to pay to rent the 5 linear metre stand for the 4 days fair duration. Then there are other less obvious expenses that add up such as public liability insurance, freight, airfares and accommodation in Melbourne, furniture rental, public transport, printing of promo material etc. It’s a gamble that has left me feeling both excited and anxious. Fingers crossed that it works in my favour.

In 2015 I created a commissioned artwork specifically for a child’s nursery. I shared this via email and had a fair bit of interest and some requests to share similar “Child-friendly” works. In response to this and in preparation for the art fair I have created 3 new works that fit this ‘child-friendly” category. It’s a move away for me as these works are mostly just whimsical. They are not infused with my vegan ethics. They don’t necessarily ask the viewer to consider the problematic of animal-human relationships, although I have managed to very subtly add the motif of a trap of some kind in the lightly stencilled backgrounds. These works will be transported unframed.

In addition, I will be exhibiting a selection of framed works produced over 2015 – 2017 and a selection of small sculptures. I will also have copies of my recent works catalogue available for purchase.

In the meantime, here is an image of one of the new works on paper.

Hope to see lots of familiar faces at the fair!

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