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Hi, well its been a while since my last entry but i am back with some art news…and yes i have had other art news in recent months but have been a bit slack about blogging.

Anyway, 2 of my large works on paper have been selected for finalist exhibitions in Queensland this month.

The Moreton Bay Art Prize ( which is my 4th year in a row of acceptance!) are exhibiting ‘Beast of Burden”- pictured here – a work i finished in late 2010 and which is now inspiring a sculpture…more on that later. The exhibition is from 21st -29th of May.

The Prometheus Art prize are exhibiting “Trading Places” pictured below which i began before heading off to Vermont late last year and completed in January when i returned to Sydney. the exhibition is from 28th May – 1st June. ( sooo..short. who actually gets to see this exhibition i wonder?) Anyway they will soon publish the finalist works on the website.

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