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Equine Mustalidae

Last year some dear friends of mine kindly provided me with an old mink head and tail with which to make a sculpture. This little critter, “Equine Mustalidae” ( 17 x 24 x 55 cm)  has attracted a fair amount of attention in my studio. It is quite incredible to think of how many of these little minks it took to make the once oh so fashionable mink coat. Here i have given the  mink a new form, one that is decorated like a Louis Vitton bag, except that this logo is an animal trap reminding us of the cruelty inflicted on animals in the name of fashion.

Alas, Equine mustalidae will return to old home tomorrow but he has inspired me to make another similar work using an old taxidermy European mongoose that i have had floating around for a while. I will make a detailed line etching of an animal trap for the body and plan to enter this work in the 2011 Woollahra small sculpture prize.

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