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Fundacion Gruber Jez

I spent the few weeks of January focusing on residency applications for the end of this year. I have already mentioned  Sparkbox in Canada  in which I would focus on a printmaking project and now I have been offered a  2 month residency  at Gruber Jez foundation in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Unfortunately the dates clash! I have decided to take up the Gruber Jez residency as it represents an opportunity  to develop new sculptural work in a supportive workshop atmosphere where I will learn about various casting materials and processes- something that was largely missing from my visual arts education as my undergraduate focus was in printmaking. At Gruber Jez I will explore the visual and conceptual possibilities of working with ceramic, metal and  resin. The history of the Mayan culture is very prevalent in the landscape and people of Yucatan so this will provide a fascinating environment in which to garner new inspiration.

At present I have confirmed  a 2 month residency  from October 22nd – December 16th but I may extend this to 3 months…

I would still love to undertake the Sparkbox  residency  but will now need to look at different times. Perhaps I will go in summer or spring now…yet to be confirmed.

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