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Residencies, Animal Fanfair and new work

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

I have decided to focus more on sculpture this year, and to this end, I have been sketching ideas for new works and am applying for selected ceramic artist residencies. So far so good! I am thrilled to announce that I have already been accepted to undertake a ceramic residency at Sundaymorning@EKWC, in The Netherlands in 2018.

I undertook a residency at EKWC from Jan-March in 2013. It was a very focused and productive time. The staff were wonderful, the facilities brilliant and, being new to the medium, I learnt so much about ceramics. I also got to be part of a community of artists from around the world all working in very different ways. It was an inspiring and motivating environment. Unfortunately,  I did get very sick with a nasty flu virus the first week I was there but this time will be heading to The Netherlands in the milder months of September to early December.

Other news is that Animal Fanfair is on the home stretch with the final showing at Noosa Regional Gallery opening in 2 weeks time. (2 March – 23 April 2017). The curator, Karen Tyler, will be speaking at this event at 4pm on March 2nd followed by the opening night festivities. I am sure it will be interesting to hear the curator’s thoughts on the exhibition and its important themes.

My last bit of news for this month is that I have been asked to create a new work to feature on Animal Liberation Currents. This is an online blog publishing brilliant and often in-depth articles focused on challenging our treatment of animals with an aim to end all animal exploitation.  I am honoured to have been asked to create a work. As with much of my 2D works, I often have an idea in mind first then I begin to sketch and resolve this using my particular collage, drawing and painting technique. The new work is inspired by the never ending issue of humans at war and by one of my all-time favourite films –the original 1968 version of “Planet of the apes”.

An image of the completed work is due in to be featured on Animal Liberation Currents in March so I will post a link and more about this when it’s up. For now, better get back to the drawing board.

PS: If you haven’t seen the original 1968 version of “Planet of the apes”, I highly recommend it. This is a brilliant film in which, the tables are turned and ironically, apes rule the planet and humans are the “lesser” species who are trapped, caged, tortured and killed. With its strong animal liberation theme, this film no doubt influenced my early decision to become vegetarian and later, vegan.

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