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Home and Away

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Recently an artist friend in Munich (Penelope Richardson) came up with an idea for a photographic exhibition exploring the ex-pat experience of “home and away” during these unprecedented times. The project invited selected artists to provide 3 photos – one of themselves with an object representing ‘home’, another with an object that represented ‘away’, and one photo of both objects together.

I was excited to be invited to have a new creative project and deadline to work towards whilst in New Zealand. I decided on making 2 objects that I could wear or physically inhabit. These recycled cardboard objects would be collaged with road maps of New Zealand, reflecting my travel to and within the country. In interacting with these 2 forms – a house and a plane – I could add a performative element that I hoped would also speak to my emotional and psychological experience of “Home’ and “Away”.

For a bit of background, New Zealand is my birth home and the home of my family. I left at a young age and lived in Australia for the longest time. In Sydney I established loyal and enduring friendships. My 3rd home is in Munich where I live with Christian – my husband, and Laksa – our Australian cat.

You see the question of home is a tricky one for me. I am, in fact, frequently both ‘home’ and ‘away’.

The following is a selection of the images. The photos are credited to my dear artist friend, Leigh Martin. Without his enthusiasm and artistic vision, I would not have achieved such a range of wonderful images. I struggled to select just 3 images in the end!

Claude Jones, (photo by Leigh Martin), Out on a limb, 2021, size variabl

Claude Jones, (photo by Leigh Martin), Room with a view, 2021, size variable

Claude Jones, (photo by Leigh Martin), Out to sea, 2021, size variable

Claude Jones, (photo by Leigh Martin), Presence, 2021, size variable

Claude Jones, (photo by Leigh Martin), Totem, 2021, size variable

Claude Jones, (photo by Leigh Martin), Homebody, 2021, size variable

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