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My vision is to create and exhibit captivating works of art that provoke a re-thinking or re-assessment of our relationship with nature and, in particular, our complex and contradictory relationship with animals. Through the various aspects of my art practice I wish to challenge widely accepted anthropocentric views used in the justification of animal cruelty.

Some of my earlier works were dealing with these concerns but in a way that was deemed too grotesque or confrontational. I am now attempting to make works that hint at these ideas but with a sense of humour and irony and… hopefully my works are also aesthetically appealing.

Since 2002, I have been creating hybrid and mutant forms to suggest the genetic similarity of different life forms, to reference fantasia and mythology as well as the biotechnological mingling of species. I am presently developing a new series of drawings ( 100 x 95 cm each) and a series of hybrid sculptures for twos exhibitions -one in Sydney in February and one in Brisbane in March. the above photo is of 2 of the works in progress in my studio. Am not sure if I prefer the piece that has a decorative design on the surface ( actually a collaged etching of a hybrid feotus) or the other which is is presently all white…

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