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I haven’t posted for a while as Christian and I have been developing a new website for my artwork. I still have the same domain name but the site looks cleaner, brighter and hopefully is easier to use. It is also up to date now and this is something I had wanted to do for a while. My old site served me well but I have not been able to update it for over a year as Apple discontinued the IWEB program it was created with. They also discontinued support for those of us who had created our websites using this program. At the time I discovered this I was, of course, very annoyed but I knew it was time to build a new site anyway and am glad to have done it. There are still a few changes that need to be made and I am happy to receive feedback if you have any ideas.

So the last month has been about grant acquittals and website creation and that means long hours at my desk staring at my computer and sometimes at my cat behind my computer as evidenced in this picture.

‘Laksa’ the Australian kitty in Bavaria

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