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Off The Wall

Artists Michelle Dawson and Claude Jones -artists party!

My little creations

My work on display

Claude’s “Caballus felis’ sculpture and Paul Young’s paintings

Chris Harman’s ceramics and Xero Corps paintings

Fabulous creations by Aly Aitken

Aly Aitken

My favourite work by Aly Aitken

I am pleased to report that Off The Wall at Art Melbourne was a very positive experience for me. There was a really interesting mix of art represented and I met lots of wonderful people. I became part of a core group of exhibiting artists in Off The Wall who maximized their time at the event in order to gauge audience responses to the work and to talk to customers. Several of us were interviewed by an ABC television film crew for a show called “Art Nation” to be aired next Sunday at 5:30pm on ABC 2 ..I think. Not being a tele watcher i am not up on these things.

Overall I was delighted at the response to my work. I sold all 5 off the large mixed media works on paper that I had remaining from the “Taxonomy” and “Endangered species” series and many small “hybrid”drawings. I also referred people to the galleries that represent me which resulted in further sales! At this stage I have not been approached yet by a commercial gallery in Melbourne but am happy to wait.

In the meantime I have been invited to exhibit in the MCM house Art show opening in Sydney this Thursday 6th May until Sunday the 9th. Address is 2/14 Amelia Street, Waterloo. I have been given very short notice so I doubt I will have time to produce a new large work but will exhibit some screenprints, small drawings and sculptures from my Peculiar Biologies series.

I am attaching a few photos from Off The Wall. I especially love Aly Aitken’s highly imaginative sculptures and have included some images here. Aly is one of 5 other artists whom I will be exhibiting with in a curated touring exhibition next year. The exhibition entitled “Dreamweavers” is the dream child of curator Simon Gregg of The Gippsland Gallery and focuses on the surreal and macabre. Its a really exciting project and I am thrilled to have been included.

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