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I have just received an email invitation to contribute to an exhibition in Perth entitled “Sentience” which is being organised by an animal rights group called Animal Rights Advocates Inc. One of my goals for 2011 is to exhibit in exhibitions where the theme concerns animal rights issues as well as to raise money for animal welfare charities so i am excited to have been invited to this.  The following is a quote from the exhibition website:

We are not in any way speaking or thinking anthropomorphically when we say that dogs and cats are sentient beings with distinct personalities. That is simply a matter of fact. We have no doubt that they have an interest in avoiding pain, suffering, and death. We grieve when they die. But our dogs and cats are no different from the animals whose bodies we eat or who are used to produce dairy and eggs. – Gary Francione So now, which works to enter and how to get them to Perth…?

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