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Spark box studio

I have been accepted as an artist in residence at Spark Box Studio in Ontario, Canada. Residency programs like this afford artists space, time and facilities in which to develop new work, experiment with new techniques and  explore concepts in a stimulating and supportive environment. Sparkbox studio is in an area of Ontario called Prince Edward County which has reputedly has some of the best beaches in Canada, great restaurants and the best wineries. Most likely Iwill attend during November and December this year. I would love to go in the summer or spring as the location is gorgeous but will probably have exhibition and teaching commitments throughout the year so another snowy residency it may just be.

My project whilst there is to develop a series of large mixed media drawings as a vehicle for pushing my work in a new direction. Whilst my recent works have been carefully constructed, somewhat static illustrative images, I now wish to generate lively and dynamic compositions in which figurative elements appear overlaping, merging and breaking out of the picture frame. I intend to apply a more fluid and gestural approach in these drawings – to explore how energetic mark making might give strength and dynamism to my work, both visually and conceptually.

The Sparkbox studio residency usually accommodates just 3 artists at a time so it represents a great opportunity to completely focus time and energy on expanding my drawing skills, ideas and visual language.

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