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Stroke Art Fair , Munich

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Yesterday was the opening of the Stroke Art Fair in Munich and it was a gorgeous sunny day to be out and about. So like my Paris trip i saw Munich with fresh eyes and it is indeed a beautiful city especially in the spring and summer time.  The art fair focused on the work of street artists and artists who employ an illustrative style. There was a tattoo artist applying his needle and ink in a detailed image covering the top of a girls thigh, there were illustrated skateboards, indoor and outdoor wall paintings and installations, printed t-shirts, clothing, art books,  jigsaw puzzles and an art supply store too.I was especially excited to see Ericailcane’s work at one of the stands as I absolutely love his illustrations. I think its easy to see why!

There were several books of his work so naturally I purchased one. The artist is represented in Italy by a gallery called D406. here’s a link to their gallery where you can also purchase books of several of their artist’s works.

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