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The cruelty of kangaroo culling

I had no idea that the “culling” of kangaroos was so horrendously cruel or so large scale. Millions are slaughtered annually. They are shot at night and whilst they are supposed to be killed with a single blow to the head this is often not the case. There is plenty of miss shooting going on with untold suffering as bits of the kangaroo are blown off and it tries to escape. The joey, if it is still alive, is then bashed to death. It is horrific and barbaric and I am now deeply upset that I purchased kangaroo parts from a meat distributor to make work for the “Australia” exhibition. I don’t support kangaroo culling but wanted to combine the kangaroo parts with the non native fox and rabbits to encourage questioning about the shooting of our native wildlife, our Australian icon. Whilst it can be argued that foxes and rabbits endanger native fauna and flora, I now understand that the culling of kangaroos is completely unnecessary, appallingly cruel and purely for commercial gain.

I have not yet collected the kangaroo parts from the taxidermist and the”Australia” exhibition has been cancelled so I wonder now if I will use them. Is it ok to use them in the context of work designed to question their mistreatment?

I feel very upset. Please read the article on this  link:

If you wish to know about the kangaroo meat industry and please support Voiceless if you can. They are doing great work to help reduce animal suffering in Australia and to educate people about whats really going on.

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