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The Other Art Fair and New work

As some of you may already know, I will be exhibiting at “The Other Art Fair” in Melbourne, Australia this coming May 4-7th.

This is the first time that “The Other Art Fair”  will be staged in Melbourne after successful stagings of the fair in New York, London and Sydney. 

Sadly Melbourne no longer has “Art Melbourne”  which was always a popular event with the enthusiastic Melbourne audience.  “The Other Art fair” has come along to fill this void, presenting a selection of 100 artists with a focus on those that are emerging and non-represented.  (Whilst it is true that I do have gallery representation at Artereal in Sydney, I do not have gallery representation in Melbourne so am assured that I fit the bill).

I have previously exhibited at Art Melbourne in 2009 and then as one of 10 selected national emerging artists in “Off The Wall” at Art Melbourne in 2010. These were successful events for me in terms of not just sales but connecting with audiences, galleries, and other artists  I had a lot of fun meeting so many friendly, curious and enthusiastic people and have established some lasting friendships. Of course, it’s hard work too! The selling, marketing and networking aspects do not come easily to many artists, including myself. I am a bit of an introvert most of the time but, when I force myself out of my shell, I usually have a great time as I love meeting other people. Needless to say, I am very excited about this event!

My sister recently stumbled across an image in “Inside out” magazine of a colourful living space featuring 2 of my artworks on the wall!! These were two large works I sold at Art Melbourne in 2010. Sorry the image is poor resolution as I believe she just snapped a quick image on her phone whilst in a waiting room somewhere.

Meanwhile, I have recently completed a large new work on paper especially to be featured on The Animal Liberation Currents website in April. I am to be the first in a series of invited artists, making new work to be showcased on the site. This idea is the brainchild of Michael J Addario, the editor of ALC who contacted me personally with the request. I am very happy to be extending my art audience to the vegan and animal ethics community. This has been a gradual process beginning with a grant from Culture and animals in 2013, then members of the Sydney vegan community attended my 2014 artist talk at my solo exhibition, Broken, at Artereal gallery in Sydney. More recently, Anna Starostinetskaya from popular Vegnews wrote about my work for the online magazine. I hope to reach out more to this ever growing global community in the future. In the meantime, I am pleased with this new work and am looking forward to seeing it up on the site, at which point can share it!

Oh and if you haven’t already seen this image on social media, here is the preview of me adding finishing touches with Laska Jones assisting by my side. The work is called “Monkey Madness”.

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