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the reluctant blogger

Ok so am coming to the conclusion that i am not much of a blogger despite the fact that i would like to be.Its one of those things that you need to set aside time for on a daily or weekly basis and i have neglected to do this so far. I suspect i would be happier approaching my blog in a less serious fashion occasionally recording things that may not directly have any relationship to my art.  Hum.. perhaps i have put too much pressure on myself to make this a “serious”or ” professional” blog when i really just want to ramble out the thoughts in my head or post some images of work in progress….may try a less rigid approach.

Anyway  on a professional note a couple of my works have been selected for finalist art prize exhibitions in Queensland this year.

-The Moreton Bay Art Prize ( now my 4th year in a row) is exhibiting a work on paper i finished in late 2010 called “Beast of Burden”- pictured here. The exhibition will run from 21st -29th May

– The Prometheus Art Prize is exhibiting another work on paper i completed this year called trading Places- pictured here. The exhibition runs from 28th May – 1st June

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