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“Feral” standing proud

Mythology of my Land” opened at M-Contemporary gallery in Woollahra, Sydney last weekend and is on until the end of May. The Peculiar Annes’ sculpture “Feral” took pride of place in the window of the gallery where he may be seen by passer’s by, luring them inside the gallery to view more fabulous and fascinating works inside. Images of all works are also viewable on M-Contemporary website.

In the meantime, Peculiar Annes ‘Seraph’ is a finalist in the Hunters Hill Art Prize  opening 8th of May.

Am already mentally planning a trip back to Sydney in Feb-March next year to complete another Annes project…Although of course we also have a few more sculptures already under construction..

Peculiar Annes_Feral_2015_mixed media_67x28x71cm

Peculiar Annes, Seraph, 2015, mixed media, 67 x 28 x 71 cm

The “Peculiar Annes” are Janet Parker-Smith, Cleo Gardener and Claude Jones

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