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Receiving Art Grants

I recently received the wonderful news that I have been awarded funding for my 2012 -2013 overseas professional development program. The fabulous and generous  people at The Ian Potter Cultural Trust  in Melbourne decided after reviewing my application to award me $7,000 to support my sculpture residencies in Mexico and The Netherlands. I was so elated when I received this news that I had to do a kooky  dance in my studio to release some of the happy vibes into the universe. This great news arrived just as i was beginning to feel concerned about my visa debt and was considering the disappointing possibility that i may not be able to finance both residencies after all. So big thanks to Ian Potter!

I also received additional  funding from The Copyright Agency’s,  Creative Industries Fund!!  So big thanks to The Copyright Agency in Sydney too.

Both of these organisations are supporting my project with  money is naturally much needed and greatly appreciated and will go to fund exactly the things it was requested for. It will enable me to undertake my residences and will cover travel,  fees, kiln hire, purchasing materials, packaging and freight,  meals and insurance. ( which is steep when your travel includes USA and Mexico!!)

A little background about my limited experience of grant applications.  The Australia Council are the big folk when it comes to arts funding and I have applied year after year for either their New Work or Arts Development grants since I completed my MVA in 2007. Unfortunately i have not even come close to receiving these grants after applying 6 years in row. Whilst at first i accepted rejection as part of the course, figuring i probably needed to learn some grant application writing skills,  this year i felt disappointed by their rejection letter as i believed my application was strong and my artistic development program worthy of funding. Plus, i had plenty of documentation to support my project. Its frustrating to apply year and after year to no avail and I know of a few artists who just give up applying after a few tries. But do not despair as there are other avenues for creative arts project support and subsequent to my OZCO sad news i received the happy news from Ian Potter and The Copyright Agency.

Getting back to The Australia Council I would like to mention that despite my many non-fruitful new work applications, in 2009  I was fortunate enough to be awarded an Australia Council Artstart grant which was a great boost to my confidence and enabled me to set up my home studio, produce marketing materials and undertake courses relevant to the fine arts industry. I recommend all early career Aussie artists apply. You must be in your first 5 years since art school graduation but roughly 50% of applicants are successful so its well worth a shot. Heres the link.

And there are plenty more grant applications out there and plenty of competition but i believe that if you persevere and your project is strong and clear, you will eventually be awarded funding.

And people tell me the application process gets easier…at least that s what they say..

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