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Something Fishy

I have recently finished 3 new works for an exhibition at Redcliffe City gallery in Moreton Bay, Queensland. The exhibition is called “15 artists”as  there are, you guessed it,  15 artists invited to exhibit. At least one of the pieces needed to represent some aspect of Moreton bay so the works i have produced for this exhibition explore the “sport” of fishing – a hugely popular activity in the Moreton Bay region. As if posing for photos in a fishing contest, these anthropomorphised figures display their catch and their “love” of fish, but the mood is sombre, implying that these fish might be precious and few. The sadness in these images is a reminder that our ‘love” of a particular species can, conversely, result in our eventual elimination of that species’ existence.

Claude Jones, The one that got away, 2012, mixed media on paper, 117 x 87 cm

Claude Jones, The last of the big fish stories, 2012, mixed media on paper, 117 x 159 cm

Claude Jones, The look of love, 2012, mixed media on paper, 117 x 87 cm

These works are now on their way from Munich  to Sydney via air cargo and i hope they make unscathed! This is the first time i have sent large works on paper from overseas so fingers crossed it all goes smoothly. They will be collected by an art transport company, taken to framers then they will travel with another art transport company up to Queensland for the exhibition. Yep, its quite a journey.

The exhibition opens on December 10th and runs for a month.

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