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2nd place in Mt Eyre Vineyards Art Prize!

This is a wee bit late notice but my computer has been kaput and then I was travelling..Anyway am  now settled enough to catch up on my blogs and this is my first piece of exciting news, well exciting for me anyway! This is the 2nd year in a row that I have been awarded 2nd place in The Mount Eyre Vineyards Art Prize held at Rex Livingstone gallery in Surry Hills.

And here is the artwork that won 2nd place. It is the same work that won best drawing/painting section of Its Liquid International Art prize this year.

Wild game, 2011, mixed media on canvas, 138.5 x 128.5 cm

Naturally I was very happy to hear this and even more pleased to hear that I had also sold the artwork! Yippee. This is especially timely  for me as I have recently embarked on a year long overseas adventure comprising artist residencies, conferences, exhibitions and research (which of course involves travel and some holiday time too!) All this is wonderful and exciting and of course costs money of which, like most early career artists, I have little. This doesn’t stop me from pursuing ambitious projects though and somehow it all works out. Of course it helps having a very supportive partner, a great part time job that allows me to take leave for such projects and no dependants either..except Laksa my 3 year old Tabby cat!

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