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Its Liquid International Art Prize

So, 2 weeks ago I discovered that I had won the painting and drawing section of Its liquid International Art Competition. Usually you might expect to receive an email or letter in the post to announce your success and advise of the following process but not on this occasion. I happened to be looking at their site and found this out by surprise! Of course I did enter the prize in December last year. It was one of those last minute online things as they were offering free entry for a few days around Christmas. The prize itself is not very concrete: “As the winner you won a prize of the value of 15.000,00 euro, consisting in one year of interviews, publications and specials on the It’s LIQUID Platform and one year of email announcements sent to the mailing list dedicated (more than 80.000 subscribers)”. However they also promised a group exhibition in Vienna for the winners so I guess this was the draw card for me. Am always keen to exhibit in Europe, especially as I will be based there from next month until June 2013.If nothing else at least I can put the “award” on my CV. It’s legitimate just a bit lacking in substance at this point. Here is the winning work.

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