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“Animal Fanfair” -its back!

In January I blogged about the news that “Animal Fanfair” would be touring regional galleries in 2015 – 2016. Well, the touring has begun! Animal Fanfair will be on from 12th July to 6th September 2014, this time hosted by the Caboolture Gallery, Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia.

Claude Jones_installation _Animal Fanfair_Pine rivers_2014

Claude Jones_installation _Animal Fanfair_Pine rivers gallery_2014

Curated by  Karen Tyler, this exhibition draws attention to man’s changing relationships to animals which are complex and often contradictory. Here is a link with a brief about Karen’s inspiration for the exhibition.

Exhibiting artists are: Claude Jones, Marian Drew, Hayden Fowler, Kelly Hussy-Smith, Owen Hutchison, Emma Lindsay, Rod McCrae and Walter Stahl. The exhibition includes still and moving digital images, painting, mixed media, print making and sculpture.

 On Saturday, July 26th, there will be  3  artist floor talks in the gallery.

The speakers are:

Claude Jones (myself)

The curator, Karen Tyler, has asked if I might write about the exhibition for inclusion in a catalogue. This is an exciting opportunity so I will be sure to take notes and document all the works when I am there. It would be wonderful to have a catalogue of this exhibition which will continue its tour of various regional galleries in 2015-2016.

Claude Jones_Cervine Bovidae_install

Claude Jones_Cervine Bovidae_installation_ pine rivers gallery_2014

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