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Back in Munich studio

I have settled back into my Munich home studio now after spending March in the Sydney studio, working with the Peculiar Annes on out collaborative sculpture project. This was followed by an all-too-brief family visit in New Zealand. I expect I will move back to my beautiful home country one day….

Meanwhile, it is spring here in Bavaria– the birdsong is especially melodic, there are pretty yellow and pink blossoms around, flowers outside the local stores and the sun is shining. Whist it may not be very warm (13 degrees today), it’s not a huge jump from Sydney Autumn temperatures and as it is my first spring here, I am keen to experience what’s on offer. Last weekend I went to Munich’s largest Flea market (overwhelmingly extensive!) and wandered through the huge fairground that is Munich’s Spring Festival. Whilst I didn’t participate in the rides,  I am happy to experience many of them vicariously – simply watching those brave folk being hurled into the air, backwards and forwards, upside down and screaming in terror..or is that joy? .yep, that’s enough excitement for me, but I digress…

So back to my art. In February I completed several new small works for “Scientia” exhibition at ArtEst and am now continuing in this vain with works for an upcoming exhibition called “Aberrant Play” at Grafton Gallery, NSW, 19th August – 11th October 2015. These small works explore our childhood relationship with animals in order to question our developing contradictory ethos. From companion animals, to caged pets, to teddy bears, anthropomorphised dolls and the animals we eat, these narratives are ambiguous, in keeping with the confusing mixed messages children receive from their parents about animals.

Here are a few of the little guys.

Claude Jones_Bull terror_2015_mixed media on paper_15x15cm

Claude Jones, Bull terror, 2015, mixed media on paper, 15x15cm

Claude Jones_curious catch_2015_mixed media on paper_15x15cm

Claude Jones, Curious catch, 2015, mixed media on paper, 15x15cm

Claude Jones_bull dog grip_2015_mixed media on paper_15x15cm

Claude Jones, Bull dog grip, 2015, mixed media on paper, 15x15cm

Claude Jones_a little fishy_2015_mixed media on paper_15x15cm

Claude Jones, A little fishy, 2015, mixed media on paper, 15x15cm

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