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Back in Sydney

I am so excited to have been offered a position as sessional screenprint teacher at The National Art School in Sydney. This was the first art school I studied at and i loved it. I have always thought of The National Art School as a brilliant place to learn the hands on practical skills required for developing one’s art practice. I owe my diverse printmaking skills and subsequent employment in the field to my initial training at NAS. There was an emphasis on drawing and the long classes required that students be focused and committed to their art education, and for this the use of a rent classroom is a great option to help with this.

And so,  today, I have just taught my 3rd class with a friendly,  focused and motivated group of students and I am very happy. ( well ok..tired…but happy).  I dearly  hope I can be back again next year to teach here again. Its great fun and so rewarding.

Being back in Sydney also represents an opportunity to catch up with my friends and maybe even pop over to NZ to see my family. Plus I can connect with curators and galleys whilst here and see lots of art. There is also a chance to work on a “Peculiar Annes” collaborative sculpture with artist’s Janet Parker – Smith and Cleo Gardiner whilst here too.

Other news is that the “Animal Fanfair” exhibition has begun its tour of what will be a total of 6 Queensland galleries and is currently on display at Caloundra gallery until May 22nd. (Opened April 13th).

and,  “Child’s Play” – a work exhibited in “Broken” (my solo exhibition at Artereal gallery in 2014) is a finalist in this years Moreton Bay Art Prize. Heres is an image of the work.

Claude Jones, Childs play, 2014, mixed media on paper, 101.5 x 68.5 cm

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