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Bully – an assessment


Bully exhibition ( install), Artereal gallery, Sydney, Dec 2016. Photo by Zan Wimberley

Whilst it was definitely odd not being present at my solo exhibition, Bully, I think it still went fairly well, all things considered. I certainly received quite a bit of publicity – Veg news, Calendar for artists, Ian Potter Cultural Trust Urbanwalkabout and Blouinartinfo I was especially pleased to get a story in “Veg news” as this is the first mention of my work in a vegan lifestyle publication and Veg News is not only hugely popular but it is based in the USA, therefore extending my art to a broader audience.

Another outcome is that I received a nice response from Dubbo regional gallery in NSW, saying they would welcome an exhibition proposal from me. Dubbo has an animal-themed collection so my work definitely suits and they would like to acquire a work for their collection so perhaps I can donate one through the Cultural Trust Program. (This is a government-funded program that entitles some regional galleries to acquire works from artists as donations.  It’s a win-win as the regional galleries can’t necessarily afford to buy art but obviously want certain art for their collections. This is good for the artists too as their work is added to significant cultural collections, will be seen by greater audiences and the value of the artwork may be claimed as a tax deduction.)

So, in summary, the exhibition resulted in lots of good publicity, a potential solo exhibition at Dubbo regional gallery in the future, some nice installation photos by Zan Wimberley and another solo to add to my CV.  A group of diehard friends attended the vernissage and, I was delighted to hear that whilst some only met that night, they ended up bonding over art and food at a local Thai restaurant. That was lovely to hear!

As usual, I had a touch of post exhibition blues. This is a common artist ailment. After putting so much energy into creating the artwork, so much money into framing and freighting the work and then weeks in front of the computer marketing the exhibition..  well, unless one has a near-sellout show, one often ends up wondering what it was all for?… Unfortunately, on this occasion, I had no sales. With the kind of expenses I have for these large framed works, it is certainly not a sustainable practice for me if I am not selling.  Yet I sold many artworks through “The Studio”, Art Melbourne, 2009 and then the following year my work sold like hotcakes through “Off The Wall”, Art Melbourne, 2010. Of course art fairs reach a much broader audience and maybe this is the way to go…  I have been considering “The Other Art fair” in Melbourne in 2017 or even The New Zealand Art Fair in Wellington next year.

Meanwhile, its a new year and I am writing down and sketching ideas for new projects that involve ceramics in combination with other mediums. Very excited about the prospect of working with sculpture and particularly ceramics again.. although may need to undertake specific artist residencies for the later. Will post images of works in progress next month ..

For now here are some of the install pics from “Bully”.


Bully exhibition (install), Artereal gallery, Sydney, Dec 2016. Photo by Zan Wimberley


Bully exhibition ( install), Artereal gallery, Sydney, Dec 2016. Photo by Zan Wimberley


Bully exhibition ( install), Artereal gallery, Sydney, Dec 2016. Photo by Zan Wimberley

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