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Hunter Hill Art Prize

This year was actually the first I heard of the “Hunters Hill Art Prize” which is now in it’s 60th year running! I discovered that Hunters Hill is just a short drive from Sydney College of the Arts where I work so I thought, well, why not? I have entered a work for the overall art prize and have been selected for the finalist exhibition… along with 399 others!!!  Yikes, either they have a humongous space to hang the works or its a salon style hang with some works positioned less advantageously then others. ( ie: above or below other works). Ah well, we shall see. It opens on Friday 9th May at several venues – The Hunters Hill Town Hall, The Vienna Cottage and the Hunters Hill Congregational Church in  – you guessed it! –  Hunters Hill, Sydney. There is a $20 opening night entry fee too which is unusual. I expect that with so many entries there must be numerous guests wanting to sup on free booze whilst perusing the exhibition and it could get very costly. I am naturally very curious about this huge exhibition of “finalists” – what a  mammoth undertaking with so many works being displayed! I simply have to bite the bullet and fork out the $20. Could be good networking opportunity too.

Unfortunately the work I had initially entered was damaged by customs either in Sydney or Munich (my partner kindly transported it over to me when he recently came for a “staycation”).  Customs, it appeared, took the work on paper out of the tube and actually tore it!! Pretty upsetting stuff and I have decided that it might now be time to research art insurance. There have been too many losses recently.

Anyway I entered another work instead..more rabbit folk but this time washing/cleansing ( or is that “torturing” a fox).

Claude Jones_Dominant species_2014_Mixed media on paper_80x92.5cm

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