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Linden Postcard Exhibition

I have entered the Linden Postcard Exhibition in 2009, 2010 and 2012 and had planned to enter in 2014 but Linden changed their specifications so that the submitted artwork now had to fit the exact dimensions of 25.5 x 20 cm, including frame. Previously I have entered small mixed media collage/drawing/painting works that were smaller than the maximum set dimensions and have had luck selling these works through this exhibition. At first I was a bit bothered by the new specifications and wondered if Linden would receive fewer applicants, but I guess it all went well as its on again with the same set dimensions this year. These new dimensions are understandable given that it’s a “postcard” exhibition and these dimensions are, well, postcard-ish. So this year I have entered  3 works on canvas that once framed will fit the bill. Here they are! About to pack them up and send them to my favourite  framers in Sydney.

The Linden Postcard Exhibition is on at Linden Arts Centre, 23 Ackland Street, St Kilda, Melbourne from 19th September until 21st of November, 2015. Its is a very popular annual exhibition – lots of fun, lots of artists, affordable artworks and so much to see!

Claude Jones_Avian Nation_2015_mixed media on canvas_17.5x23cm

Claude Jones, Avian Nation, 2015, mixed media on canvas, 17.5x23cm

Claude Jones_cat and rabbit show_mixed media_23x17.5cm

Claude Jones, cat and rabbit show, mixed media, 23×17.5cm

claude jones_the day after_2015_mixed media on canvas_17.5x23cm

Claude Jones, The day after, 2015, mixed media on canvas,17.5x23cm

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