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Abberant Play at Grafton Gallery

Rochelle Summerfield is a regional NSW based artist who works with collage and printing to create personalised, eerie, whimsical and political images. Her unique works are strangely beautiful – both playful, surreal and perhaps, at times,  a little disturbing,  It’s no surprise then that  “Aberrant Play” is Summerfield’s brainchild – the bringing together of 7 artists who push the traditional boundaries of print to incorporate the digital, drawing and collage in innovative ways. The seven artists are Janet Parker -Smith, Jenny Kitchener, Leone Lane, Sandra Winkworth, Bill Moseley, Rochelle Summerfield and myself-Claude Jones.

In this digital age when the meaning of ‘cut and paste’ now refers to the push-button editing performed on computer software, we are the “Aberrant players”, employing scissors and glue, zinc and copper plate, hand-printing, pencil and brush. Neither denying nor relying solely on digital processes, our drive is to rupture, manipulate and combine imagery in the critical manner of collage. It is this fusing of methods and mediums that makes for a new language, an often surreal juxtaposition of images that embrace the awkward, the odd and humorous whilst, simultaneously reflecting on personal, social and political concerns.

Aberrant Play opened at Grafton gallery on Friday August 21st and from reports I have recieved, it was a great success. Artist, Akky van Ogtrop spoke with enthusiasm for the work in her opening speech. Jan Davis, the vice president of Imprint Magazine, graced us with her presence. Plus a story and photos featured in one of the local papers. (Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the opening as it’s a long way from Munich but I was there in art, in spirit and solidarity.)

This exhibition runs until the 11th of October so there is still plenty of time to see it and pick up a catalogue while your’e there. In addition, there are concurrently 3 other exhibitions on at Grafton gallery that I am told are also well worth checking out!

You can check out the art events on  this link to Grafton Gallery .

Here are some install shots of the exhibition courtesy of Rochelle Summerfield.





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